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First Steps

1. Research your options:

2. Talk with your academic adviser to discuss options that fit into your academic plan

3. Research financial aid and scholarship opportunities

4. Apply to an education abroad program

Study Abroad

Study Abroad Program Types

  • Faculty-Directed Programs - Faculty directed programs are run and taught by MSU faculty members who lead a group of MSU students abroad. While on a program, students will directly earn MSU credit and pay the same rate in MSU tuition that they do on campus.

  • Semester Partner Programs - Semester partner programs allow an MSU student to apply to and enroll in a foreign university as a student. Students take courses at the university with local and other international students. There are two types of Semester Partner Programs: Exchange and Direct Enroll.

Exchange Program: Students pay MSU tuition and fees just like a semester on campus.

Direct Enroll Program: Students pay host institution tuition and fees.

Note: All Semester Partner Programs require a student to complete a Course Approval Form (CAF) to earn academic credit. Students must submit a copy of the completed CAF, with all required signatures, to the Office for Education Abroad and to Oumatie Marajh before leaving for a program. Students should save a copy for their records.

Study Abroad: Faculty-Directed Programs

Designing Technology Solutions for Schools in Africa | Arusha and Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania
Terms: Summer
Required GPA: 2.0
Class Standing: Sophomore minimum
Courses Offered In: MI 488/EGR 488

*The courses listed for each program provide a sample of the courses available to students. All courses are subject to change. 

Study Abroad: Semester Partner Programs

Monash University | Melbourne, Australia
Terms: Fall and Spring
Required GPA: 3.0
Class Standing: Sophomore minimum
Enrollment Type: Exchange 
Courses Offered In: ME, MSE, MTH, PHY, STT, ISS 3XX, IAH 211+

University of New South Wales | Sydney, Australia
Terms: Fall and Spring
Required GPA: 3.0
Class Standing: Sophomore minimum
Enrollment Type: Exchange 
Courses Offered In: ME, MSE, BS, MTH, PHY, STT, ISS 3XX, IAH 211+

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) with CEA Abroad | Paris, France
Terms: Summer
Required GPA: 2.5
Class Standing: Sophomore minimum 
Enrollment Type: Direct Enroll
Courses Offered: CE 221; MTH 234 and MTH 235; ISS 320

University College Dublin: Summer Physics | Dublin, Ireland
Terms: Summer
Required GPA: 3.0
Class Standing: Sophomore minimum 
Enrollment Type: Direct Enroll
Courses Offered: PHY 184 and PHY 192; ISS 315

Engineering in Rome with CEA Abroad| Rome, Italy
Terms: Summer
Required GPA: 3.0
Class Standing: Sophomore minimum
Enrollment Type: Direct Enroll
Courses Offered In: CSE 231, ME 201, CHE 321
Other Requirements: Students must have completed Calculus I prior to participating on the program and students must enroll in Introduction to Programming.

Note: The programs listed provide a sample of available program options. Use the Program Search to find more options available to you.


For more information, contact:

Jean-Paul Sewavi
EA Program Coordinator
Office for Education Abroad

Amanda G. Idema
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies
College of Engineering

Office for Education Abroad Advising Center
International Center | Room 108
(517) 353-8922