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Options for Your Major

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Coursework offered abroad may include:

  • Classes in a specific major or minor
  • Elective courses
  • MSU requirements in Integrative Studies, Mathematics, and Writing
  • Honors options

Many students take classes in their major, but this is not a requirement. We encourage you to apply to any program for which you are eligible that meets your interests and contributes to your degree.

Most classes count as direct MSU credit, but in some cases classes will count as transfer credit.

Don’t forget to consider an international major, specialization or certificate program in addition to participating in education abroad. These options can complement your current degree program or open new doors for you to discover a new area of study.


You can also find program information on Major Advising Pages (MAPs). MAPs are organized by major or college and can provide a good starting point for selecting a program that complements your studies on campus.

MAPs do not list every program option available, but instead identify programs that provide the best chance for you to participate on a program while continuing progress toward your degree.