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Deadlines and Acceptance

There are time periods during the year when you can apply for certain programs. Knowing when to apply and how much you will pay are important steps in the application process.

Application Deadlines

When you are ready to apply, please be aware of the deadlines for application. A majority of our programs use the application deadlines listed below. If a program has a an adjusted application deadline, it will be listed on the program brochure page.

  • Spring Direct Enroll and Exchange: Varies (July through September)
  • Spring Affiliated: October 1
  • Winter Break: October 1
  • Spring Break: December 15
  • Summer Internships: February 15
  • Summer: February 15
  • Fall and Academic Year: March 1

Some programs do receive more applications than available spots for students to enroll, so plan ahead and apply when you are ready.

Acceptance Process

The acceptance process varies across the different education abroad program types and the amount of time you could wait to hear back on being accepted into your program.

After you have applied to your program, MSU faculty or your college will take time to review your application and to make sure you meet the requirements for the program.

The amount of time you will wait after an application varies, so please be patient as this process does require a considerable amount of work.

Refer to the billing and payments page to understand paid fees at the time of your application.