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Advisory Council on Education Abroad


The MSU Advisory Council on Education Abroad (“the Council”) provides ongoing advice and guidance to the Office for Education Abroad on all aspects of program development and review, including:

  • enrollment management
  • policy setting and adherence
  • curriculum integration
  • strategic and long-term planning
  • non-degree international student recruitment
  • and continuing quality evaluation of education abroad and exchanges programming.

The Council also serves as a platform for university-wide collaboration and as an expert body on national and international best-practices with regard to international educational exchange and student mobility.


The Council is comprised of representatives from academic college who are appointed by the respective dean. Colleges may designate up to five college representatives. Other MSU faculty and staff may be invited to serve with ad hoc or ex officio appointments. The Council has four standing committees and may form additional ad hoc committees as needed. The Council meets regularly during the academic year and is chaired by the executive director of the Office for Education Abroad.

As the purpose of the Council is advisory, formal rules of order for conducting meetings and making decisions as a group will not be enforced.  However, meeting notes will be taken and distributed after each meeting. 


Campa, Henry, Graduate School

Cho, Samuel, College of Communication Arts and Sciences

Chudgar, Amita, College of Education

Chung, Sung Soo, Institute for Global Health

Crackel, Rhonda, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Cunningham, William, College of Osteopathic Medicine

Donnellan, Brent, College of Social Science

Feeheley, Carrie, College of Law

Fritzsche, Sonja, College of Arts & Letters

Frump, Scott, International Studies and Programs

Glew, Robert, International Studies and Programs

Idema, Amanda, College of Engineering

James, Ashley, College of Law

Janka, Kristin, Honors College

Judge, Beth, Undergraduate Education

Judge, Jeff, James Madison College

King, Marissa, Residential College in the Arts and Humanities

Kroth, Michael, College of Music

León, Paola, Lyman Briggs College

Lucas, James, Undergraduate Education

Malouin, Rebecca, Institute for Global Health

Marajh, Oumatie, College of Social Science

Marquardt, Sheila, Undergraduate Education

Meier, Dan, College of Arts & Letters

Michalak, Lauren, James Madison College

Millenbah, Kelly, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Miller, Mike, Institute for Global Health

Namasivayam, Karthik, Hospitality Business

New, Jennifer, College of Communication Arts and Sciences

Olivero, Max, Broad College of Business

Phillips, Ed, University Travel Manager

Poindexter, Kathleen, College of Nursing

Posey, Lynmarie, College of Natural Science

Racioppi, Linda, James Madison College

Richter, Kurt, MSU Global Health, Safety and Security

Schott, Hal, College of Veterinary Medicine

Schueller Lopez, Kari, College of Communication Arts and Sciences

Scott, Sarah, Eli Broad College of Business

Sinclair, Julie, College of Education

Slavin, Anne, Lyman Briggs College

Smart, Mieka, College of Human Medicine

Tallant, Melissa, Student Athlete Support Services

Tsang, Jeffrey, College of Engineering

Voice, Tom, College of Engineering

Whitaker, Sarah, College of Natural Science

Standing Committees

Curriculum Integration Committee

This committee is tasked with developing and recommending protocols for advancing curriculum integration initiatives, as well as with ensuring effective portfolio and enrollment management processes. Education Abroad Facilitator:  Inge Steglitz


Education Abroad Scholarships & Development Committee

This committee is tasked with developing and recommending protocols for stewarding and maximizing the utilization of available scholarships in support of student participation and with pursuing new opportunities for securing funding for increased participation. Education Abroad Facilitator: Lynn Aguado


Governance Committee

This committee is tasked with monitoring and recommending university-wide policies that influence participation in education abroad and exchanges. Education Abroad Facilitator: TBD


Diversity and Underrepresentation Committee

This committee is tasked with monitoring enrollment trends and recommending strategies with regard to student advising, portfolio management, promotion and outreach, etc. Education Abroad Facilitators: Cheryl Benner and Sandy Tupper

Council Responsibilities

  1. Provide on-going advice and guidance on all aspects of program development and review, enrollment management, policy setting and adherence, curriculum integration, strategic and long-term planning, non-degree international student recruitment, and continuing quality evaluation of education abroad and exchanges programming.
  2. Provide advice and guidance on the utilization of funding related to maximizing faculty engagement with education abroad, including but not limited to program development grants, site visit grants, etc. 
  3. Serve as a college-level resource for faculty, staff and students on issues related to education abroad and exchanges.
  4. Review existing protocols and policies that govern education abroad and exchanges programming and advocate as needed for revision or the development of new protocols and policies.
  5. Advance comprehensive curriculum integration efforts and best practices in education abroad and exchanges to include design, delivery and evaluation.
  6. Pending availability of funds, the Council shall be allocated a modest budget from EA for the purposes of program evaluation, assessment and/or development.