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How to use the Program Search

The Program Search allows you to explore MSU-sponsored education abroad programs relevant to your interests by utilizing filters. The default screen will display frequently used filters (e.g. subject, semester, location, etc.). To further refine your search, click "More Search Options." Results will appear as each filter is chosen.

Results will list the Country where the program takes place, the Program Name, and the Program Semesters in which the program is being offered. Click on the academic year/semester you are interested in to see the details about the program.

As part of your search results, the Program Status will be highlighted for each program session (right side).

  • OPEN: Program intends to take place and has space available.
  • WAITLISTED: Program is full and accepting applications for a waitlist.
  • APPLICATIONS NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME: Program details are still being determined and applications are not being accepted at this time.

Search Results

The individual program page includes several tabs of information.

Details: Includes a snapshot of all the important details of this program session, including the program title, MSU sponsor, location abroad and the time frame (semester and year it takes place).

Description: Information about the program, location and the ways students can benefit by participating in the program.

Academics: Course information, academic expectations, number of credits required, and information about the types of field trips and excursions included during the program.

Requirements: Eligibility requirements and recommendations applicants need to have in order to participate in the program.

Housing: Description about the accommodations for the program and what participant housing will include.

Passport/Visa: Standard information about applying for a passport and visa. If a program requires a visa, more detailed information will come from the Office for Education Abroad once a students has been admitted to the program.

Bio: Optional section where a short biography of the program director may be shared.

Health: Standard information about health and safety abroad. Once admitted to a program, participants are encouraged to visit a travel health professional (such as the MSU Travel Clinic) for more information regarding their host destination.

Cost: Breakdown of costs for this program (also known as the Program Budget) including program fee, tuition and out-of-pocket expenses. Sometimes only last year’s information is available (noted at the top of the screen). If this is the case, use this as an estimate when calculating costs for this program. The current program fee will be posted as soon as it is finalized.

A flyer can also be printed at the bottom of the page.

If you have questions about any of the program information, be sure to reach out to the Program Contact or the Program Coordinator listed in the Details tab.