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Determine your Goals

Your success abroad begins with careful planning and determining goals for your experience. Consider your academic interests, regions of the world you want to explore, and the type of program best suited to you.

Globe with black mortarboard on top with stack of books next to itAcademics

    • Have you talked with your academic adviser about participating in education abroad?
    • What coursework do you want to take abroad and how will it count towards graduation requirements?
    • Are you interested in doing research abroad or completing an internship?

Monthly planner open with pens laying on topTiming

    • How long would you feel comfortable being abroad?
    • Do you want to go for a full year, semester or something shorter over a break or during the summer?
    • How will the length of your time abroad affect the program options that best fit your goals and financial needs?

Students embracing local people in TanzaniaHost Culture

    • Do you want to live in a host culture that is significantly different from the United States?
    • Do you want to attend classes with students from the host culture or other international students?
    • Do you want to live with a host family?

Students with local children in ChinaLanguage

    • Do you want to learn a new language?
    • Do you want to develop your foreign language skills?
    • Do you need a program that is taught in English?

Pink piggy bank that says keep calm and save moneyFinances

    • What is your budget for going abroad?
    • Have you looked into scholarship options?
    • How does the cost of a program affect your choice?