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Once you've determined the program that best fits your needs and interests, it's time to apply! Be sure to understand the application process, know your responsibilities as an education abroad participant, and take advantage of the resources available to you while abroad.

Student standing with Spartan flag in GreeceApplication Process

Learn about the application process, including deadlines, fees, and refunds, as well as conduct and academic expectations.

Student standing in front of Ayers Rock in AustraliaEducation Abroad Portal

Sign-in to your Via TRM account to apply for a program. If you have not created a profile in Via TRM yet, visit Program Search/Create Your Profile to learn more.

Student standing on Great Wall of China with Spartan flagSupport While Abroad

From start to finish, the Office for Education Abroad is here for you! Be sure to carefully review resources and services available to you while you’re abroad.

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