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Discover the Benefits

Education abroad provides valuable opportunities for you to engage in a diverse environment and develop skills that you will use on campus and after you graduate.


Earn credit to count toward your major or minor requirements.

Student in front of Eiffel Tower in Paris, France"I had the opportunity to learn about pressing, controversial issues such as surveillance capitalism and climate change. Having the opportunity to receive lectures from Oxford professors was truly amazing and I gained a lot of new knowledge."

Experiences spark student to diversify study abroad


Connect with locals and engage with your host community.

Two students riding a camel in Israel"Startups in Israel are constantly forced to go beyond their country for customers, funding, etc. It taught me the importance of being able to integrate different cultures within a business, a skill that can’t be taught in the classroom."

Brandon learns what it means to be an international company


Gain experience in your field.

Student holding Spartan flag at elephant sanctuary in Thailand"I got tons of hands-on experience related to veterinary medicine, especially at the clinic, including giving vaccinations, restraint techniques, doing physical exams, assisting during surgery, anesthetizing patients, and post-operative care."
Hands-on experience with elephants in Thailand


Learn another language.

Student looking over cityscape in Germany"I have always said you can’t learn a language from worksheets, textbooks, or all the classroom instruction in the world. I believe it takes immersion in the culture, and experience talking with and living among native speakers of the language you want to learn."

Time in Germany was valuable for language acquisition


Develop skills that employers are seeking.

Student on a hike in Malawi"Studying in a developing nation, I definitely expected there to be some challenges, but I was amazed about how Malawi showed me how to be creative and come up with solutions."

Georgia researches malaria while in Malawi


Acquire an understanding of issues affecting local communities.

Students SCUBA diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia"It was interesting to learn about Australian history and politics, specifically how they have addressed the issue of Aboriginal rights. I was shocked to find out how much later their rights were established in comparison to America."

Finding Nemo comes to life for Sara


Forge lasting friendships and grow your network.

Student standing in front of building in Dubai, United Arab Emirates"Studying abroad in Dubai was the greatest experience of my life. I met amazing people and we all became close very quickly. Every day was a new adventure and I never wanted the program to end."

Davon learns many lessons while in Dubai