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Video Tutorials

The Office for Education Abroad has created free video tutorials on a variety of topics that will help you get started and plan for your experience abroad. Be sure to check back often as we have many more to add to the collection.

VIA Global Topics

Intro to VIA & Overview: Learn about our online platform, VIA Global, where program information in housed and applications are submitted.


Finding Programs in VIA Global: Explore how to find programs in VIA Global using the program searching functions.


Managing Your Profile in VIA Global: Understand how your profile works in VIA Global so you can save your favorite programs and manage your applications.


Health and Safety Topics

Intro to the Office for Global Health, Safety, & Security: Learn about the Office for Global Health, Safety and Security and how they support MSU students, faculty and staff around the world.


International Travel Health Insurance and ISOS: Understand MSU's international travel health insurance and the International SOS membership and benefits.


Mental Health & Education Abroad: Find ways to feel at ease in your new environment by preparing prior to departure and learning how to access support while abroad.


Responding to Emergencies: Before you leave for your program, be prepared for any emergency by understanding the proper steps to follow.

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