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Peer Adviser Program

Peer Adviser photo for web.jpgPeer Advisers are MSU students who have already studied abroad and work for the Office for Education Abroad. They are trained to provide peer-to-peer advising, conduct student outreach, and assist with recruitment.

Our current team of Peer Advisers are more than happy to tell you about their experiences, answer your questions, and give you advice.

They can help you find a program that suits your schedule, major and interests. They can guide you through the application process, answer questions about scholarships and financial aid, and offer a student perspective on the various aspects of being abroad and returning home.

Peer Advisers are available for in-person and remote advising during the fall and spring semesters. Visit the Education Abroad Advising Center webpage for current hours of operation.

Meet the 2023-24 Peer Adviser Team!

Andre Edmond.jpgAndre Edmond (he/him/his)


  • Computer Engineering (College of Engineering)


  • History (College of Social Science)

Education Abroad Program

  • Contemporary Issues in Developing Societies in Belize

Hi! My name is Andre Edmond, I am a computer engineering major with a minor in history. I love traveling, so coming into college I knew I wanted to study abroad as soon as I could!
I went to Belize to study abroad during spring break in 2023! The experience I had while participating in my program is something I believe everyone that has grown up in a 1st-world country should experience. Part of my program involved assisting teachers and facilitating the local curriculum in Belize. Aside from the work in the schools, I was able to learn about the history and culture of Belize through several excursions including a trip to a Mayan temple and going on a co-op with a Mayan women’s organization.

Although my program was more in tune with social sciences and unrelated to my major, this experience helped me grow as a human being and reminded me not all of us are fortunate and have the luxuries we have in the United States. Overall, it was a very eye-opening experience and I think everyone should have such an opportunity!

Annie Heitmeier.jpgAnnie Heitmeier (she/her/hers)


  • International Relations (James Madison College)

Education Abroad Program

  • Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea

Hi there! My name is Annie Heitmeier and I’m a senior majoring in International Relations with minors in Korean language and Asian studies. I enjoy traveling and would love a career that allows me to travel to different countries.

I studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea during spring semester 2023. I studied at Yonsei University from February to July, and I greatly enjoyed my experience! Studying in Seoul, gave me the opportunity to travel throughout Korea, but also five other Asian countries (Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and China)! During my time in Seoul, I also worked as an intern for five months at a South Korean NGO. In my internship, I worked on research projects related to the UN and worked on different advocacy projects with North Korean escapees.

Living in South Korea for six months was truly the best experience I could have ever received. I not only got to travel, grow my career, and expand my independence, but I also think it greatly impacted my language skills for the better. Immersive language learning truly is the best way to improve your language skills!

Hannah Kilbride.jpgHannah Kilbride (she/her/hers)


  • Marketing (College of Business)
  • Public Policy (College of Social Science)


  • Spanish (College of Arts & Letters)

Education Abroad Program

  • American University of Rome in Italy



Hi! My name is Hannah Kilbride, and I am a junior studying marketing and public policy and minoring in Spanish. A little about me is that I love hanging out with friends, listening to music, and spending time in nature like hiking and biking, and of course traveling and getting to see different parts of the world.

For my study abroad program, I went to Rome for 5 weeks during the summer to study at the American University of Rome. This was an amazing opportunity as it allowed me to have an in-depth experience of Italian culture and travel to several different cities within Italy. It was also great to meet and have classes with other MSU students. After my experience with study abroad, I couldn’t recommend it enough and hope that I am able to be a part of another program in the future.

Yennah Kim.jpgYennah Kim (she/her/hers)


  • Marketing (College of Business)


  • Korean Studies (College of Arts & Letters)

Education Abroad Program

  • Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea


Hello! My name is Yennah Kim, and I am a Marketing major in the Broad College of Business. I completed my Korean studies minor while studying abroad at Yonsei University in South Korea. I was a part of the fall 2021, direct enroll program. I had the best experience by meeting friends I still go on monthly trips with and have connected with many types of people. I was able to volunteer at different local communities and be immersed in the culture. I grew up internationally, so my passion for travel and diversity was pursued while abroad. I learned how to be independent and experience new things. I now work in the Office for Education Abroad to help other students pursue new experiences and learn to love travel.

Nolan Rachocki.jpgNolan Rachocki (he/him/his)


  • International Relations (James Madison College)
  • German (College of Arts & Letters)

Education Abroad Program

  • Academic Year in Freiburg, Germany


Hello! I'm a senior at Michigan State University pursuing a BA-MA in German and BA in International Relations. I've participated in three exchange programs, most notably the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship and the Academic Year in Freiburg (AYF) Program through Michigan State.

My education abroad program was a transformative experience. The city's prime location, at the foot of the Black Forest, and the University's well-recognized reputation made it an ideal place to study. Not to mention the well-balanced mix of local and international students made it a diverse and inviting city to live in. In Freiburg, I took courses in various subjects, including political science, German, and linguistics. I also worked as a classroom assistant and guest presenter in local English classes, which helped me gain helpful teaching experience.

This experience and working with the Office for Education Abroad have sparked my interest in International Education. I now hope to help others explore educational opportunities abroad (…..maybe even in Germany?).

This academic year I will again be serving as a Young Ambassador for the German Academic Exchange Service and, as so, am available to answer any questions specifically related to studying abroad or pursuing post-graduate studies in Germany!

Andrew Schulman.jpgAndrew Schulman


  • Social Relations and Policy (James Madison College)

Education Abroad Programs

  • Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary
  • Serling Institute for Jewish Studies and Modern Israel Summer Study Abroad at the Hebrew University


Hi, I'm Andrew Schulman, a senior studying Social Relations and Policy. My journey has been shaped by two unforgettable study abroad experiences. First, I explored the historical wonders of Jerusalem during the Summer Study Abroad at Hebrew University in 2021. Then, I ventured to Budapest, Hungary, where I studied and worked at Corvinus University from February to June. Living independently in a bustling international student hub in Budapest was an eye-opening experience. Building close relationships with people from different continents expanded my horizons and made the world feel like a much larger and interconnected place.

I'm incredibly grateful for MSU's support in making these life-changing opportunities accessible while I worked towards my degree. Now, as a Peer Advisor, I'm enthusiastic about helping fellow students embark on their own transformative journeys. Through captivating storytelling, I hope to inspire and encourage others to seize the chance to learn, grow, and create unforgettable memories in exciting corners of the world.

Megha Suresh.jpgMegha Suresh (she/her/hers)


  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology (College of Natural Science)

Education Abroad Program

  • Molecular Biology Research in Dusseldorf, Germany


Hello, my name is Megha Suresh, and I'm currently a junior majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/Biotechnology. I did a research program in Düsseldorf, Germany in the summer of 2023. It was an amazing experience and I learned so much through the research and just being abroad. I did my research internship in the diabetes center in Düsseldorf, where I worked on finding a primer pair for a splice variant. By working in another country, not only did I learn about new techniques and technologies available for research, but I also got to experience a new culture and make new friends! I have grown so much through this experience and have also become more independent. Studying abroad has definitely helped me both academically and personally, and I have gained so many memories and experiences through this program!

Interested in becoming a Peer Adviser?


Apply to be a Peer Adviser for the 2024-25 school year!

Interested students can apply via Handshake.

Deadline to apply is March 22, 2024.  Interviews will take place before the end of spring semester.

Visit Peer Adviser Position for more details about the job duties and expectations.

If you have any questions about the Peer Adviser position, email us at abroad(at)