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Education Abroad Course Approval Process

For direct enroll, exchange and non-MSU programs, you must get your courses approved by MSU prior to departure. (This is not required for faculty-directed programs.)

You will be responsible for identifying which courses you wish to take abroad.  This is done by gathering relevant course materials from the host university for MSU approval (host university course codes, course descriptions, syllabi, etc.).

A sample of course information for your program can be found on the:

It is recommended that you request approval for more courses than you plan to take abroad in case some are not offered during the semester you plan to participate.

If your program requires a Course Approval Form (CAF), a link will be provided on your checklist in your student portal with instructions on how to complete the process.

For every course you request, a signature will be required for approval. Signatures must be from the sponsoring college associated with that course. For example, if you plan on getting credit for an English course, you will need an adviser from the Department of English to sign-off on your form.

You will also need signatures from your primary MSU college (where your major is housed).

The Course Approval Form is a mandatory piece of the application process and must be completed prior to your departure.  Without it, you risk not receiving academic credit for your program.