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Billing and Payments

Before you apply for your program, it is important to know when you will be billed for your education abroad program and to be aware of payments you are expected to make during and after application.

Also be sure you Know Your Costs!

Billing Timeframes

Depending on when you plan to study abroad, there are timeframes during the year when you will be billed for your program fee. Program fees for education abroad are sent directly to your student account. Below are the timeframes that our office uses to process billing for the corresponding programs: 

  • Academic Year programs – mid July
  • Fall Semester programs – mid July
  • Winter Break programs – early November
  • Spring Semester programs – early November
  • Spring Break programs – early November
  • Summer programs – early April

If you confirm acceptance on your program after the corresponding billing date for your program, you will see the remaining balance of your program fee added to your student account immediately after confirming your acceptance.  

Tuition for Program Credits

The tuition for the number of credits you plan to take on your program will be billed separately from your education abroad program fee. Keep in mind, some education abroad programs are full academic semesters and some are short-term embedded within a semester (spring and winter break programs). These programs use MSU's Flat-Rate Tuition for the billing of education abroad credits.

Almost all of our summer education abroad programs fall under 12 credits, meaning you would pay per credit hour for the tuition on your program.

For additional assistance on understanding Flat-Rate Tuition and your current tuition rate at MSU, we encourage you to contact the Office of Financial Aid.


As you plan to pay for your education abroad, know that there are costs upfront when you apply and some that you will have to plan to pay up until the departure for your program. It is really important to know the total cost of your program before you begin to apply.

$100 Application Deposit

By submitting an application for an education abroad program, your MSU Student Account will be billed a $100 application deposit for each application. You may withdraw from your program at any point and for any reason prior to your acceptance into the program with no financial penalty. The $100 application deposit will be refunded back to your MSU Student Account.

$200 Commitment Deposit


Once you are accepted into your program you will have two weeks from the date of your acceptance letter to commit to your participation.  When you commit, you will be billed an additional $200 commitment deposit to your MSU Student Account. The $200 commitment deposit is non-refundable at this point.

The application and commitment deposits are applied to the overall cost of your program

Out-of-Pocket Expenses


While the Office for Education does not bill you directly for the out-of-pocket expenses associated with your program, keep in mind that some program related expenses will need to be paid well in advance of your program start date. Some of these payments can include:

  • Airfare
  • Passport (new application or renewal)
  • Student Visa (if applicable for your program)
  • Suitcase and other necessary travel items (power converters)

The cost of your airfare can be included in your financial aid package, but you'll receive your airline bill from the travel agency or airline before your financial aid funds are released. You'll need to make arrangements to pay these bills in advance.

MSU students who may have problems covering these payments can contact the MSU Office of Financial Aid (517-353-5940) for short-term loan options.