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Support while Abroad

You’ve explored, planned and applied for your education abroad program. Now comes the exciting part of actually being abroad! Review the following items PRIOR to your departure to make the most of your experience.

The Office of Education Abroad is here to support you through your entire experience from start to finish!

Academic Differences Abroad

As you’ve already learned in your pre-departure activities, you may experience academic differences in your host country. It’s important for you to be proactive and research the academic structure of your program ahead of time. This will allow you to navigate the academic systems with ease and set yourself up for success!

Access to Support Staff

While you are abroad, there will be people on-site who can assist you with questions or concerns that you may have. However, their roles will be different depending on the type of program you choose. This could be in the form of your faculty director while you’re abroad or an on-site resident director or international officer from your host institution. In addition, your Education Abroad Program Coordinator and your MSU College Contact are accessible while you are abroad.

MSU CAPS also has mental health resources and services for students studying remotely.

Health and Safety Considerations

Beyond academic and logistical support, you also have access to the services of the MSU Office for Global Health, Safety, and Security (GHSS). GHSS provides 24/7 emergency assistance and coordinates the international medical and security assistance through International SOS that is part of your program fee. Refer to the Health and Safety page for more information.

MSU 24/7 International Emergency Line: 517-353-3784

Check your MSU Email

Although you will be abroad and may be using a different email address, it’s important to monitor your MSU email address. All emails from the Office for Education Abroad will continue to go to your MSU email address.

Maintain Diligence with Deadlines

While abroad, it’s easy to forget about MSU requirements and deadlines. The Office for Education Abroad will send reminders to you, but it is a good idea to make a list yourself. Think about things like applying for your FAFSA for the next year, submitting housing deposits, applying for scholarships, and more. Be sure to read the communication that comes from your Education Abroad Program Coordinator for guidance.

Changing Coursework

By the time you’re abroad, you should be enrolled in MSU courses (faculty-directed program) or have all your courses approved by your college (direct enroll or exchange program). That said, sometimes course alterations or adjustments need to be made once you’re on-site if you’re studying at a partner institution. If this happens, it is critical you consult with your academic advisor as soon as possible to ensure the credits transfer back as you expect and you stay on track for graduation!

Goal Setting and Reflection

Before you depart, don't forget why you chose to participate in education abroad.

  • What personal, academic and professional goals have you set for yourself?
  • How do you plan to achieve those?
  • What steps will you take to ensure you meet them?

Reflection is a great way to grasp what you have learned and harness it after your experience has ended.