International Studies & Programs


What to do at the Expo

The Expo is a great place to find out about opportunities you have to participate in global learning which includes study abroad, international internships, research abroad, global community-engaged learning, and domestic study away. However, the Expo can also be overwhelming if you've never been before.


  • Visit the Explore webpage
  • Create a profile and search for a few programs of interest
  • Talk to your academic adviser to see how a global learning program could fit into your schedule
  • Attend an EA101 webinar

Taking these steps prior to the Expo will help you make the most of your time exploring all the exhibits.

Remember not to limit your options by only looking at programs in your major or college. You can take elective credit, integrative studies, internships and more! You can also add a specialization or work on a second major.


Academics: What coursework do you want to take? Have you thought about research or an internship?

Language: Do you want to develop your foreign language skills or maybe learn a new language?

Timing: How long do you want to be off campus?

Host culture: Do you want to attend class with students from the host culture or live with a host family?

Finances: What is your budget?


Strike up a conversation with program directors or former participants who are staffing the tables - they want to talk to you and get you excited about their program.

Don't forget to ask questions about funding opportunities, academic fit, travel logistics, and more from representatives.



After the Expo, be sure to stop by the Education Abroad Advising Center to talk with a Peer Adviser. They will guide you through the application process, help you find funding opportunities and more.

  • International Center – Room 108
  • Walk-in advising and appointments on Zoom
  • Email: abroad(at)
  • Phone: (517) 353-8920