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Global Learning Expo



The Global Learning Expo (formerly the Education Abroad Expo) is a comprehensive information event for anyone interested in learning more about the many exciting global opportunities available at Michigan State University.

More than 145 exhibits displaying information about MSU's wide variety of programs and support services will be available for students to browse and ask questions.

If you've ever thought about domestic or international study, the Global Learning Expo is the perfect place to begin your search.


October 2nd / 1:00 to 5:00 pm

Breslin Center


Now is a great time to begin to planning for a future program and become excited about the benefits of global learning.


2023 Programs and Exhibitors

Table Program/Unit/Partner
82 Absolute Internship 
4-5 Academic Year at the University of Freiburg
34 Advertising and Public Relations a la Mediterranean
41 African Studies Center
69-70 African Wildlife Conservation Internship
62-63 Agriculture and Natural Resources
33 American College of Thessaloniki
50 American Colonialism and the Creation of Biodiversity in Panama
13 Arabic in Jordan 
53 Arcadia Abroad
53 Arcadia STEM Research at King's College London
53 Arcadia STEM Research at the Royal Veterinary College in London
53 Arcadia STEM Research in Dublin
53 Arcadia STEM Research in Glasgow
53 Arcadia STEM Research in Granada
53 Arcadia STEM Research in Limerick
21 Arts & Letters
143-144 Arts, Culture and Urban Sustainability in Rome
2 Asian Studies Center
100-101 BI Norwegian Business School (HB majors)
146 British Politics and Society
81 Broad College of Business
89 Business and Culture in Brazil
94 Business and Culture in Japan
85 Business and Culture in Spain and Portugal
82 Business Internships in Portugal
82 Business Internships in Seoul
82 Business Internships in Shanghai
82 Business Internships in Singapore
82 Business Internships in Spain
82 Business Internships in Stockholm
82 Business Internships in the United Kingdom
86 Business Law, Ethics, and Sustainability in an Emerging Global Market
97 Business of the Olympics
64 CAFRE - College of Agriculture, Food & Rural Enterprise
64 CAFRE - Enniskillen Campus
64 CAFRE - Greenmount Campus
64 CAFRE - Loughry Campus
103 CEA CAPA Education Abroad
24-25 Center for Gender in Global Context (GenCen)
115 Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies
117 Ceramic Arts in Greece
100-101 CETT-University of Barcelona (HB majors)
69-70 Cheetah Conservation Internship in South Africa
148 Child Development in an African Context
3 Chinese Language Division at National Taiwan University
74 CIS Abroad
31-32 Communication Arts and Sciences
113-114 Community Engaged Design in Costa Rica
151 Community Engagement, Society and Culture in Belize
19 Community Literacies in Canada
43-47 Community Medicine in the Yucatan
58 Conservation Medicine in New Zealand
71 Conservation, Sustainability, and Ecotourism Education in South Africa
145 Contemporary Issues in Developing Societies
30 CRCC Asia
1 Criminal Justice in Japan with JCMU
40 Cross-Cultural Teaching Abroad in New Zealand
37 Designing Technology Solutions for Schools in Africa (ComArtSci)
110 Designing Technology Solutions for Schools in Africa (EGR)
24-25 Development & Non-Governmental Organizations in Malawi
109 Ecological Engineering in the Tropics
147 Economics of Public Policy
14 Egypt’s Role in Middle Eastern and Global Contexts
104-107 Engineering
18 English Literature in London
96 Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility in Cambodia
38 Environmental and Science Communication in Peru
118 Exploring British Theatre
66-67 Exploring Human-Forest Codependence in the Yucatan
68 Exploring Irish Horse Industries
72 Exploring Wildlife Conservation in South Africa
155 Fiji: The Scholar Games with TEAN
17 Film in Britain
132 Financial Aid
142 Forensic Anthropology and Human Identification
60 Foundations of Neuroscience
12 French Language, Literature, and Culture in Tours
4-5 Friedrich Schiller University in Jena
128-129 Fulbright Programs
24-25 Gender, Sex, and Feminism
4-5 German Language and Culture in Mayen
61 Glaciers, Geology & Environmental Sustainability in Iceland
29 Global Academic Ventures
65 Global Food Systems and Health
43-47 Global Health: Costa Rica – Clinical Immersion
43-47 Global Health: Costa Rica – Pre-clinical Observation
43-47 Global Health: Cuba - Clinical Immersion (2nd year)
43-47 Global Health: Cuba - Clinical Immersion (4th year)
43-47 Global Health: Dominican Republic-Pre-Clinical Observation
43-47 Global Health: Guatemala - Clinical Immersion
43-47 Global Health: Peru - Clinical Immersion
43-47 Global Health: South Korea - Clinical Immersion
90 Global Supply Chains and the Panama Canal
28 Globalization of Consumerism and Community
59 Hawaii: Environmental Science in the Islands
1 Health and Culture in Japan with JCMU
22 Hebrew University of Jerusalem
48 History of Medicine and Public Health in France
100-101 Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HB majors)
99 Hospitality in Switzerland, Swiss Education Group
141 India: Exploring Handicraft and Culture in Rajasthan
95 India's Golden Triangle: Global Business and the Taj Mahal
43-47 Institute for Global Health
12 Intensive French in Tours
92-93 International Business Studies in Asia
84 International Business Studies in Europe
3 International Chinese Language Program at National Taiwan University
98 International College of Management Sydney
137-138 International Engagement in Huatulco, Mexico
137-138 International Engagement in Mérida, Mexico
137-138 International Engagement in Oaxaca, Mexico
30 Internships in Osaka
30 Internships in Seoul
29 Internships in Sydney
30 Internships in Tokyo
16 Irish Literature and Culture
6 Italian Language, Literature, and Culture
26-27 James Madison College
1 Japan Center for Michigan Universities
1 Japanese Language and Culture with JCMU
150 John Cabot University
100-101 Kiwi Hospitality, Wine and Food
56 Lancaster University
39 Learning, Culture and Technology in Europe (LCTE)
20 Literacies and Gender in Botswana
52 Lyman Briggs College
51 Maintaining Nature: Cultivating Industry, Natural Resources, and Tourism on the Maine Coast
69-70 Marine Biology Internship in South Africa
22 Michael and Elaine Serling Institute for Jewish Studies and Modern Israel
149 Modernity in the Streets of Paris and London
127 MSU Federal Credit Union
77 MSU Libraries
76 MSU Library Passport Services
10 MSU-UVA in Valencia
120 Music in Vienna with IES Abroad
119 Music, Art, and Culture in Bregenz
54-55 Natural Science
57 Natural Science in New Zealand
100-101 NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences (HB majors)
75 Office for Global Health, Safety and Security
43-47 One Health Nepal
128-129 Peace Corps Prep
42 Public Health in Ghana: A One Health Perspective
36 Public Relations in the United Kingdom
112 Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities (RCPD)
69-70 Rhino Conservation Internship in South Africa
23 Rothberg International School of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
130-131 Scholarships
152 Security and Society in the Information Age
22 Serling Institute for Jewish Studies and Modern Israel Study at the Hebrew University
24-25 Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Sexual Politics in Amsterdam
78-80 Social Science
88 South Africa: Global Business in the Rainbow Nation
9 Spanish for Healthcare Professions
8 Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture in Santander
7 Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture in Valencia
35 Sports Media in Paris and Rome
49 Stargazers, Sorcerers, and Scoundrels: A Human History of Mathematics
83 Startup Nation: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Israel 
111 StudentUniverse
73 Studies in Antarctic Systems Science
139 Study Away - InnovateGov Detroit Summer Internship Program
140 Study Away Las Vegas--Cultural Studies with Purpose:  Documentary Storytelling as Qualitative Research
102 Summer Business Studies at University of Sydney
108 Summer Engineering in Madrid
154 Summer Sports Down Under
113-114 Sustainability and Civic Engagement in Costa Rica
153 Sustainable Community Development in Tanzania
1 Teaching English in Japan with JCMU
116 Technology, Humanities, and the Arts
22 Tel Aviv University
100-101 The School of Hospitality Business
15 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)
100-101 University of Angers (HB majors)
87 University of Nicosia, Digital Currency & Blockchain Tech
87 University of Nicosia, Semester in Cyprus
136 University of the Philippines-Los Banos
11 University of Tours
91 Wines, Mines, and Export Strategies in Chile