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Application Process

Apply Online: My Education Abroad

Log in to the My Education Abroad student portal with your MSU NetID and begin your application for education abroad. You can also check your application status. 

Application Deadlines

The following deadlines are applicable to most programs, however some may be earlier so be sure to check the webpage for your intended program to determine if it has a different deadline.

  • October 1st for winter break and spring semester programs
  • January 15th for spring break programs
  • March 1st for summer, fall and academic year programs

In some cases, you may submit an application after the deadline but your acceptance may be influenced by the late submission.

Acceptance may take a week or several weeks depending on various factors such as how far in advance you have applied. You will be notified of your acceptance status by an official email from the Office for Education Abroad.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so the earlier you apply, the better!

Application Fee

A $100 application fee is required for all programs and is billed to the student's MSU account upon submission of an application. The application fee is applied to the program fee and is non-refundable once a student accepts admission into the program.


Because programs accept students on a rolling basis, the earlier you apply, the earlier you may find out about your application status. But because applications are approved by the program leaders and not the Office for Education Abroad, we can't provide a specific timeline of when you will find out your acceptance.

Some program leaders will accept students on a monthly basis, others may only accept students every couple of months, so some students may hear of their acceptance earlier than others. Rest assured if you applied on time, you'll be notified of your acceptance in plenty of time to complete all necessary requirements.

Decision Form

To be fully accepted into the program you'll have two weeks to complete a Decision Form, found and submitted online in your My Education Abroad account. You'll have two options: accept your place in the program or withdraw from the program completely. 

Confirmation Deposit

If you accept your place in the program, a non-refundable and non-transferable $200 confirmation deposit will be billed to your student account. This will be applied to the program fee. For some programs, costs are paid directly to the host institution (by student) and will not involve a confirmation deposit.

In cases of high financial need, students may request to have the $200 acceptance fee deferred until such time as their financial aid package is disbursed. (In no cases can the $100 application fee be waived or deferred.) Students may submit a request for consideration directly to Elizabeth Wandschneider, Assistant Director for Finances and Operational Management.