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Travel and Arrival Onsite

Prior to a U.S. departure it is important to monitor your email for any changes (schedule, location, etc). Such messages will likely come from your program leader for students on group flights or from the airline directly for individually booked flights. If you experience any travel delays (change of flight times, missed flights, etc) that affect your arrival to the host country, please e-mail your program leader and the Office for Education Abroad (abroad(at) EA staff will do their best to inform host country representatives of any student delays.

Possible Travel Delay Issues

Please keep in mind that MSU has no authority over airlines with regard to delays or cancelled flights. Students are encouraged to remain calm and follow the instructions provided by airline personnel and to prepare themselves for the stress involved with the uncertainty of travel delays/disruptions.

Program Organized Group Flights
If students traveling on a group flight arranged by EA and accompanied by MSU program leader(s) incur a flight delay or cancellation that requires overnight accommodations, accompanying MSU program leader(s) will secure accommodations for the group.

Individually Organized Flights
The costs related to airline delays or cancellations are the responsibility of the student
. Specifically, costs related to such airline delays or cancellations that occur prior to an MSU-sponsored program's official start date or after the program has concluded are the responsibility of the student. Once the program begins abroad, costs will be covered by the Office for Education Abroad until the conclusion of the program.

With this in mind, EA recommends that students and leaders purchase travel insurance (this is not health insurance). The types vary but be sure to consider coverage for trip cancellation (check to verify if "acts of God" are covered) and lost/delayed luggage.

Delays due to Weather/ Natural Disaster
If a weather/natural disaster affects your ability to arrive on site within the time frame you were expected, you should e-mail your program leader and the Office for Education Abroad (abroad(at) with information about what is going on and, when confirmed, your updated travel itinerary.

For more information about weather-related travel delays, please consult the following resources: