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Gender Inclusive Housing Policy

inclusive housing.jpgThe Office for Education Abroad is committed to fostering an equitable, inclusive, and welcoming environment where students’ gender identities and/or expressions are respected and affirmed.

Starting in the summer of 2025, the Office for Education Abroad plans to observe the MSU Gender-Inclusive Housing Policy on MSU-sponsored faculty-directed programs, both internationally and domestically, contingent upon location and housing availability. The office will seek out partners and providers who can accommodate gender-inclusive housing requests and are committed to equity and inclusion.

Prior to the implementation of the Gender-Inclusive Housing Policy, housing assignments will be determined using the gender reported by the student in Campus Solutions. Students are responsible for providing and updating their gender information in Campus Solutions through the Office of the Registrar.

Should students have concerns about their housing assignment on an education abroad program prior to summer 2025, they are encouraged to work with their Education Abroad Program Coordinator for MSU-sponsored faculty-directed programs, as alternative rooming assignments may be available.

As implementation moves forward, we encourage prospective students and members of the MSU community to periodically revisit this webpage for updates.