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MSU College Contacts

These representatives have been appointed by their respective college to provide advice and guidance on education abroad to their majors.  They can advise on academic matters, answer questions about programs sponsored by their college, and provide enrollment support such as signing Course Approval Forms.


College Representative 

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Rhonda Crackel
Morrill Hall of Agriculture 
446 W Circle Drive, Room 408 
(517) 353-8878

College of Arts & Letters Dan Meier
Linton Hall
Undergraduate Student Affairs
479 W Circle Drive
(517) 355-0366
French, Italian, and Spanish Languages Jennifer Gansler
Wells Hall
619 Red Cedar Rd., Room B-341
(517) 884-6318
Linguistics and Other Languages Ben Davis
Wells Hall, B331
619 Red Cedar Road
(517) 353-0740

Eli Broad College of Business
All Majors Except Hospitality Business Dwight Handspike 
Eppley Center
645 N Shaw Lane, Room 402A
Hospitality Business

Jeff Yingling 
Eppley Center 
645 N Shaw Lane, Room 232  
(517) 353-9211 

College of Communication Arts and Sciences Jennifer New
Communication Arts and Sciences 
189 Communication Arts & Sciences
(517) 355-8988 
College of Education
Education and Special Education

Mike Haslett
Erickson Hall 
620 Farm Lane, Room 134
(517) 353-9684

Kinesiology Justin Wolfe
Erickson Hall 
620 Farm Lane, Room 134 
(517) 355-3360

College of Engineering

Amanda Idema 
Engineering Building 
428 S. Shaw Lane, Room 1415 
(517) 355-6616

Honors College Christine Raisanen
Eustace-Cole Hall
468 E. Circle Drive, Room 105
(517) 355-2326

James Madison College

Jeff Judge
S Case Hall 
842 Chestnut Road, Room 369 
(517) 353-6754

College of Law

Carrie Feeheley 
Law College Building  
648 N. Shaw Lane, 364 A 
(517) 432-6817

Lyman Briggs College

Anne Slavin
E Holmes Hall  
919 E Shaw Lane, Room 35
(517) 353-6480 

College of Music

Michael Kroth 
Music Building 
333 W Circle Drive, Room 203 
(517) 353-5340

College of Natural Science

Sarah Whitaker 
Natural Science Building 
288 Farm Lane, Room 106
(517) 432-9260

College of Nursing

Denise Ferrell
Life Sciences Building 
1355 Bogue Street, Room A212
(517) 353-4737

Osteopathic Medicine

Rusti Sidel
West Fee Hall
909 Fee Road, Room B320
(517) 353-8922

Residential College in the Arts and Humanities

To be determined
Snyder Hall
362 Bogue Street

Social Science

Oumatie Marajh 
Berkey Hall 
509 E Circle Drive, Room 221 
(517) 353-9202

College of Veterinary Medicine Melinda Wilkins
Veterinary Medical Center 
736 Wilson Road, Room A107
(517) 355-3967