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Information Meetings

The purpose of an information meeting is to introduce prospective students to individual education abroad programs. 

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The majority of students who apply to a program do so after an information meeting or other face-to-face contact with program directors.

Meetings should be held prior to departure as a marketing and recruitment tool. 

Complete the form below with details about your upcoming information meeting to ensure it displays on the Events Calendar on the Office for Education Abroad webpage.


Depending on availability, Peer Advisers may be available to assist during an information meeting with questions about the application and acceptance process, as well as provide information about scholarships and financial aid. Please contact the office directly to inquire about availability.

Alternatively, feel free to refer students to the Education Abroad Advising Center (108 International Center) where they can speak with a Peer Adviser directly.

How to Promote your Information Meeting

  • Announce upcoming meetings in your classes.
  • Ask colleagues to announce your meetings in their classes.
  • Send messages to students in targeted majors or colleges.
  • Ask your department or college to include your meeting information on their website or e-calendar.
  • Create flyers announcing your information meeting and post them where students who might be interested in your program will see them.
  • Announce your information meeting in college/department newsletters or at staff meetings.
  • Attend special events on campus – especially events sponsored by your college or department (Welcome Week, for example) – and hand out announcements about your upcoming information meeting.

What to Cover during your Information Meeting

Begin with a broad overview of the program, including the benefits and learning outcomes for participants.

Next cover program specifics such as the:

  • Location
  • Course offerings (bring syllabi)
  • Housing arrangements
  • Excursions and field trips
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Cost

Finally, refer students to the Education Abroad Advising Center (108 International Center) for assistance with the application process and to find out about funding options. Walk-ins are welcome and students can also make an appointment via Zoom.