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Talk to an Adviser

Trying to sort through education abroad programs can be a little overwhelming. There are staff members at MSU ready to help you with the decision making process.

Academic adviser talks to a student at Education Abroad ExpoAcademic Advisers

Your academic adviser will be extremely helpful in the planning phase of education abroad. They can help you plan which term or semester you could study abroad, identify major, minor, or elective courses you could take, or recommend a program from your college.

More than likely your academic adviser has helped another Spartan study abroad and they can help make the planning and selection process easier for you.

elizabeth-janelle-advising.jpgEducation Abroad Program Coordinators

Our professional staff of Program Coordinators work closely with each MSU college and faculty directors to help with the planning of their education abroad programs.

If you have a questions about programs sponsored by your college, Program Coordinators can offer great advice on the options available to you.

emily-advising.jpgEducation Abroad Peer Advisers

Peer Advisers are a great resource to bounce ideas off of for selecting a program or finding out more information regarding scholarship opportunities.

All of our Peer Advisers are trained to give you general advice, but they offer a wealth of knowledge as someone who has already studied abroad at Michigan State University.