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Life Abroad

Life abroad can be very different that what you have grown accustomed to at Michigan State or at home.  There are many things to consider before going and returning from abroad.  Below is information to help guide you through your international educational experience.

Turkey.jpgStudent Handbook

Information to think about before, during, and after your education abroad program.

Jordan.jpgCrossing Cultures

The Office for Education Abroad encourages you to make every effort to take advantage of the many intercultural learning opportunities you'll have while abroad. Here are some timeless tips for a speedy acclimatization and a more meaningful stay abroad.

side-by-side ethnicity.jpg Race and Ethnicity

International cultural climates can be very different from what you expect around the United States. Having a strong understanding of your hosts country's views on race and ethnicity can ease your transition on location.

side-by-side-lgbt.jpg Sexuality and Gender Identity

International understanding of sex and gender can play an important role in your decision to study abroad. Being aware of legal rights or possible forms of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression will help guide you through your education abroad experience.

side-by-side-disabilities.jpg Students with Disabilities

Your active role in disclosing your disability-related needs in advance will be key to your success abroad.

side-by-side-visa.jpg Non-U.S. Citizens

Many Non-U.S. students are capable of studying abroad through our office. To help you get your visa without problems or delays, please use the information on this page.