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Directors - Past and Present

Charles Gliozzo
Director from 1973 to 1993


"Counseling of students regarding the pros and cons of overseas study was not limited to financial concerns, but also advice was given on cultural adjustments and career goals… Short-term programs had an impact not only internationalizing MSU, but on the national scene as a model for the number and program diversification." 


  • Overseas Study is moved from the Office of International Extension in the Continuing Education Service to International Studies and Programs
  • Faculty manual and orientation sessions are implemented
  • Financial aid model is established between the Office of Financial Aid and Overseas Study
  • Faculty exchanges and overseas institutional linkages emerge
  • Overseas Study Scholarship Fund was established
  • The Directory of International Internships is created
  • Career Development Model Grant is developed
  • A diversified curriculum in overseas study programs expands
  • Office of Overseas Study becomes Office for International Exchange (OIEX)

Download the report Looking Back, Looking Forward at the History of Education Abroad in the United States, submitted by Dr. Gliozzo (September 2012).

Michael Vande Berg
Director from 1995 to 1999


"The amount of energy generated by the process of opening new programs was considerable. We had faculty members and deans who were excited about study abroad…it generated its own sort of energy." 


  • Marketing efforts are enhanced to reach out to colleges and faculty
  • Incentive-based budgeting model is developed to promote short-term, faculty-led programs
  • 60 new programs come online
  • Semester direct-enrollment model is established
  • Student-centered approaches to facilitate intercultural learning are initiated
  • Partnerships with academic advising emerges
  • Deans' designees for study abroad are identified from each college

 Download the transcript from an interview with Dr. Vande Berg (August 2012).

Kathleen Fairfax
Director from 2001 to 2008


 "MSU really was emerging as a national leader in terms of health and safety oversight and management and had the best practices… [and also] the level of freshman programming and the way it was done is something that MSU can be very proud of."


  • The study abroad office expands and professionalizes, new management are hired
  • A database system is created to track and handle massive growth in student participation
  • Risk management policies and procedures are established
  • Faculty are trained in risk management
  • Processes for managing credit transfer for co-sponsored programs are established
  • Early programming for freshman is initiated

Download the transcript from an interview with Ms. Fairfax (September 2012).

Brett Berquist
Executive Director from 2009 to 2015


 "Through the 2008 Task Force recommendations, MSU took a deliberate and proactive approach to improve its successful study abroad program. Expanding program models that embrace more experiential learning and community engagement have brought alignment with university strategies. Cost/benefit analyses for programs, increased focus on financial support for students, encouragement of conducting research abroad, and the adoption of the Forum Standards for Good Practice are all meaningful ways in which MSU is answering the demand to help prepare our students to be successful global citizens."


  • Quality, accessibility, and diversity are adopted as guiding principles
  • Increased focus on community engagement
  • Undergraduate research and internships abroad expand
  • Leadership around graduate study abroad emerges
  • Re-entry programming enhanced via the Learning Abroad Conference
  • A research and scholarship agenda is enhanced and supported
  • Research council is established
  • OSA engages with President Simon's Bolder by Design initiative
  • Young professionals program is created
  • Benchmarking studies with the CIC begin

Anthony Ogden
Executive Director from 2016 to 2017


“I am thrilled to be moving to MSU. It will be an honor to serve MSU in this capacity and to work in close partnership with Dr. Hanson, the ISP team and MSU faculty and staff to refine existing programming and develop new initiatives that respond to current global affairs and trends in international education.”

International Studies and Programs at Michigan State University named Anthony Ogden as executive director of education abroad and exchanges in May of 2016. In this role, Dr. Ogden led MSU’s Office of Study Abroad and provided strategic leadership to the university.

Opal Leeman Bartzis
Executive Director from 2018 to present

Opal Leeman Bartzis.jpg“I am so pleased to join the MSU community and to combine my efforts with those who have established MSU as a revered leader in education abroad. I look forward to collaborating with faculty, staff and students to assess needs, build on strengths and engage in the creative development of expanded opportunities in support of the MSU mission.”

International Studies and Programs at Michigan State University appointed Dr. Opal Leeman Bartzis as executive director of education abroad on September 24, 2018.