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Evonte Terrell - Pre-clinical Observation in Mexico

Published: Monday, 27 Jun 2016
Author: Cheryl Ann Benner
Department: Office for Education Abroad

Name: Evonte Terrell

Status: Senior

Major: Human Biology

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Program: Pre-Clinical Observation, Culture & Medicine in Merida, Mexico


The first day of my first time out of the country and I was the first one in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico for the study abroad program. The hotel we stayed at, Hyatt Regency, was beautiful and the rooms were nice and spacious. Along with other fellow study abroad students, we went touring through the shopping centers near the hotels and the mall. The mall was huge and the pricing of everything was a lot cheaper than back in the United States. Unfortunately, I was unable to make a purchase because I was locked out of my debit card with MSUFCU so I couldn't get pesos for the first few days. We also went to Uxmal where we learned and saw the different ancient Mayan temples that were built a long time ago. The architecture of the temples was beautiful and it is a site that everyone should have a chance to see. My roommate, Collin, was fun and outgoing, which made my stay in Mexico exciting and comfortable. The people of the entire state of Yucatan were extremely nice and understanding that some Americans do not speak Spanish. The hospitality of the people of Yucatan was the best I have experienced before in my entire life. Everyone is polite and respectful of each other, which made my experience in Mexico a lot better, knowing that I could ask anyone for assistance or guidance and they would have tried their best to help me.


The four hospitals that I visited was the Maternal Hospital, Centro de Salud, O'Horan Hospital, and Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad. I was also introduced to MSU Osteopathic Clinic inside of the O'Horan Hospital. Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad was one of my favorite hospitals. This was the federal hospital in Yucatan and where all the high priority cases were sent. When I was here I witness an arterial bypass in the leg. This procedure took a lot of precision and required micro surgery in order to cross link and stitch the artery on the right side of the leg to the artery on the left side of the leg. I also was able to witness a heart procedure in which a device was attached to the heart in order to close a hole/opening between the right and left side of the heart to keep the flow of blood circulating correctly. In Mexico this procedure is called a CDA procedure (acronym was unknown) but in the USA it is called a cardiac implant closure device procedure.


I learned so much from this program to how to prep for surgery, how to examine a new born baby, and a lot of the Yucatan culture. I loved the group that I was able to share this experience with and without them and my incredible director, Sung Su, this program would have not been the amazing trip out of the country that I have always dreamed of. This program not only solidified my passion for medicine but also opened my eyes to a different culture and their ways of life, plus I can speak a little Spanish now. I hope I am able to study abroad again soon.