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Education Abroad Tuition Rate for Non-Matriculating Students

Published: Monday, 01 May 2017
Author: Cheryl Ann Benner
Department: Office for Education Abroad

The Office for Education Abroad would like to announce that MSU has decided to charge non-matriculating students participating in an MSU-sponsored education abroad program the same per-credit tuition rate as MSU undergraduate, resident, upper division students, effective Summer 2017.

This represents a significant financial incentive for our non-MSU student population, as well as an avenue for growth in enrollment without the infrastructure costs associated with degree-seeking students on campus.

We are grateful to the Office of the Registrar for their help in implementing this decision.

Non-MSU students represent a great way to diversify the education abroad population, bringing with them a unique set of perspectives and backgrounds that can enrich the educational learning environment for all participants.