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Video Contest

The Office for Education Abroad video contest lets you share your experience abroad and can inspire others to consider studying abroad themselves – all in two minutes or less. Submissions must be video (not a slideshow of photos) and should include at least three of the following themes:

  • Interaction with the host culture – who did you meet in your local host country or communities? In what way did you interact with them? What was distinct about the local population and culture?
  • Academics – What was your learning environment abroad? What were some key academic components of your program? This could be anything from group discussions/lectures, guest speakers, and academic-related tours/activities (or perhaps something completely new!).
  • Tastes, sights and sounds – What local food did you try? How was it different? What were the most culturally distinct things that you saw and heard?
  • Where you lived and how you travelled – What were your local accommodations? How did you travel from point A to point B during your program? What was distinct about these experiences?


Entrants must be students who have participated in, and earned credit on, an MSU-sponsored education abroad program. This includes current MSU undergraduate or graduate students.

Videos will be evaluated on how well your video captures the themes listed above in a creative, original and captivating way.

One video may be submitted per entrant and must be original subject matter (no professional videography).

Videos should be two minutes or less in length.

Video footage must have been taken by the entrant during the entrant's education abroad program. Video may include locations traveled to during free time, but must have occurred within the official program dates.

All entries must contain video footage and not a slideshow of photos. Photos can be incorporated into your video, but entries should be nearly all video footage.

Video content must be appropriate for all audiences and OSA reserves the right to refuse any submissions it deems inappropriate.

COPYRIGHTS: It is the responsibility of the entrant to obtain written permission to use any copyrighted music, photos, or any other form of media in the video. OSA cannot share video with copyrighted music without this written consent. It is suggested entrants check into, and use, royalty free music to be safe as most popular songs are copyrighted. Sample free music from various website such as Incompetech ( ( (, or Jamendo (

YouTube ( ( ( ( or any other video-sharing website may be used to house your video. You will be asked to provide a weblink to your video on the entry form. All videos should include the title of your education abroad program.


We are not currently accepting entries for the Video Contest. Please check back to our site in the Fall Semester for deadlines and submissions.